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We are a technology driven logistics provider that connects businesses with supply chain needs.

Plug & Play integrations with your preferred IT systems.

Last mile delivery based on dynamic routing technology.

Real-time tracking of your goods

Flexible operations as your business grows.

our services

End-to-End Logistic solutions


hassle-free warehousing services, with 100% visibility of stock & transactions
full-service micro fullfilment strategy in place allow us to guaranty 1-day ground delivery to over 99% of the national orders and same day delivery to 100% for the Brasov county.

Last Mile delivery

We're making deliveries with trucks and drivers, but most importantly, we're delivering with smiles and good vibes.

Customs operations

We know customs procedures, so you can rest assured that your goods are customs cleared in short time..


We provide you operatively servicres unloading and loading with high performance handling equipments for each type of truck


We get your goods in perfect order, regardless if that means labelling, alarm-tagging, QA/QC processing, co-packing or even ironing clothing items, supporting in short time for your sales campaigns..

Vertical solutions designed for your industry

We operate with ease throughout industries. Because, Logistics is Logistics. Nevertheless, we have some industries where our team's expertise shines. If you're engaged with one of our main focus areas, we can be just the right solution for the logistic support you need.


We're working with leading Fashion brands to deliver items just in time for their shoppers to shine in their desired social settings.


As everyday enhancements, we strive to deliver consumer electronics to our users in order to help them be more productive.


Cooking is nice. But also hard. We aim to help high-achiving individuals to get the food they want, when they want it and some inspiration on top.

Home Deco & DIY

We might care less about Feng Shui. We care about connecting you to the best home deco or DIY marketplaces and delivering exactly your desired items in shortest time.

You sell. We fulfill and ship.

If you have the skills to sell it, we have the skills to deliver it. With KLD’s micro fulfillment center you can scale your e-commerce & omni-channel businesses. Start in Transylvania, expand throughout Romania and beyond. 

Just-in-Time and just what you need

With an experience of more than 20 years in the Romanian logistic industry, our team understands the flexibility and agility needed to deliver the right experience for your customers.

Scalable Warehousing

Starting small is usually the best idea. Unless your operations are already large. We can accommodate both models.

Pay as you go

We don't use minimum quotas for our fulfillment services. You only pay for what you actually use as long as you use.

Complete transparency

Our costs come always without any hidden fees and our contracts always come without lock-in periods.

Leverage the Ecosystem

Thorough our wide integrations with most marketplaces and couriers, you get the best mix of what the market has to offer.

Automated Operations

We move at the speed of digital commerce, with automated logistic operations, from reception all the way to delivery.

Plug and Play

Easy integrations of your e-shop, ERP or WMS with our IT systems and any other partner (marketplaces, couriers, payments).

Next gen microfulfilement

End-to-end solutions for your growing e-commerce business

You know best what your customers want. We know best how to put your products in their hands, as fast and cost-efficient as possible.


e-Fullfilment that drives efficiency and positive Customer Experience

We understand that when someone hits “add to cart”, they just cant keep waiting for the item to get in their hands. Our goal is to get the products you’ve sold as quickly and cost-efective as possible in the hands of your customers.

Streamlined from the Get-go

We understands the importance of moving product quickly based on demand, therefore we offer services that will streamline your logistics operations processes.

Reliable Fulfillment

We aim to provide reliable and accurate order fulfillment services that increase your bottom line. Our goal is to preserve your margins as much as possible, which is done by offering competitive fulfillment rates without charging excessive setup costs, software fees or other hidden charges, as well as passing on our shipping rate discounts directly to our clients.

24h for 99% of orders

Our Micro Fulfillment Center (MFC) is a “hub” that can promise 1-day ground delivery to over 99% of the national orders and same day delivery to 100% for the Brasov county and 100km around it. You can track our service performance in real time.


Last-Mile solutions that set you miles ahead of your competition.

Operational mastery counts when you’re doing business in a crowded marketplace. With our tailored solutions for e-entrepreneurs, we can put our logistics capabilities at work towards your advantage.

Good Vibes embedded

Until we get to full speed in logistics automation with drones and delivery robots, we still make our deliveries with trucks and drivers, but most importantly with the smiles and good vibes your customers will meet when opening the door. 

Scheduled Deliveries

Throughout the 4 counties we serve (and growing), we can deliver based on customer requested hours: before 09:00; before 12:00, until 19:00 etc. We work around our recipients timetables, to maximize customer satisfaction.

Last mile deliveries

Regardless if it's an online or offline order, we streamline deliveries from our central warehouse or from your location to deliver the goods with our own transportation vehicules within a radius of 100 km of Brasov, including also Covasna, Harghita and Prahova counties.

National coverage

Through our technology software for couriers management, you have access through your own account to the main national couriers which will be selected based on each order delivering details (time requested by customer, dimensions, address, etc) optimising not only your courier costs, but also time optimisations and real time visibility of couriers services.


Customs operations that save you time and headaches.

Doing e-commerce in a common marketplace comprising 27 different countries, importing from outside EU and abiding far-reaching regulations can be a daunting task. But we know the best-practices to make this reach the advantage to your business.

Legal Know-How

The import and export of goods in and out of the European Union is highly regulated by clear and standard regulations. Our team knows the ins&outs to streamline passage of any legally sanctioned product category.


We hate unexpected surprises when it comes to customs procedures. That's why we always prepare in advance the full documentation for all the batches we're expecting, so we can facilitate the processing of our goods at full speed.

Uninterupted Custody

From the moment your supplier / carrier hands off the goods, we know how to keep charge of them, digitally recording transits, moving them through customs and receptions, all the way till allocated warehouse location making it available for sales same day.


Cross-Docking solutions that leverage our scale to bring you efficiency.

We’ve built in-extensive capabilities in cross-docking not because we want to show off, but because we believe this capability positively contributes to a good end-user experience.

Scalable Slots

This the season to be jolly! For our clients focused on summer experiences, this whould be May. For our customers selling 80% in the winter season, this would be November. Anyway, our flexible slots can accomodate any seasonal requirements that make sense for your business..

Digital Tracking

As goods move along at the speed of modern logistics, we know what's being unloaded and uploaded at every point in time. Thanks to our state of the art WMS platform, we know the slot and the pallet where a 0.5 cm ball is stored.

A center Line

With close to 500 km going in every direction to reach the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western boundaries, Brasov is the best hub for launching and upscaling your logistics operations, providing customers with overnight delivery.


Value-Added services that make deliveries memorable for customers.

You know that the product you sell is just a part of the equation. The way your customers receive it is just as much part of the experience that can lead to recommendations or not. 

Extreme Customisation

Should we put a ribbon on top of the box or should we iron the item prior to delivery and deliver it on a hanger? It doesn't matter, we can deliver to your customers the experience you first envisioned.

Promotion and Conversion

We know that getting a first sale is good for business. We also know that getting repeated sales is good not only for our clients, but also for us. If you need know-how or IT infrastructure to make this happen, we're here for you.

Design Services

If you feel like your product delivery could be enhanced, we have a team of top designers to think about how your product delivery could transform into a memorable unpacking experience.

A technology driven logistics provider.

Kruhnen Europe Logistik is a technology driven logistics provider that connects businesses with supply chain needs, including e-fulfillment and integrated services, transportation supporting growth and scaling of small & medium e-commerce & omni-channel businesses.

Our Vision

To advance logistic solutions that transform omnichannel shopping into a seamless experience, both for end-users and retailers.

Our Mission

To provide e-commerce entrepreneurs with the logistic know-how and infrastructure that drive customer satisfaction.

Our Process

By employing a technology driven approach, we deliver efficiency, flexibility and affordability through a logistics as a service model.

Operating from the center of Romania.

With Brasov as our main logistic Hub, we operate with ease not only in the neighbouring counties, but also with a lead time of ~ 5 hours towards any point in Romania.


what makes us different

The values we live by

Our values help us establish a strong foundation for building positive relationships with clients, partners, and the wider community.


Our business is all about delivering on time and on expectations. We strive to be consistent and dependable, both for our colleagues and also for our partners.


Efficiency is not only what we're selling, it's also how we operate. Is it better to call than to wait for an email reply? Than you can bet we'll jump on the phone.

Customer focus

We operate with suppliers, customers and our customer's customers, so working with effective communication, responsiveness and flexibility is key to being a valuable partner.


In B2B, things are not always black and white. We uphold our stakeholders interests through transparent communication, honest pricing, and ethical behaviour.


Staying ahead of industry trends through technology adoption, process improvements, and sustainable practices is what helps us remain competitive and adaptable.

Environmental Responsibility

Logistics take movement, and movement takes an impact. We proactively work towards implementing eco-friendly initiatives, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting responsible sourcing.

We've built Kruhnen with a vision to advance micro-fullfilment, based on everything our team has learned from clients and partners over the years.

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